Longhorn Beef and Farm Fresh Pork For Sale

Texas longhorn Beef is known for it’s amazing natural flavoring, as well as, it’s health benefits. Longhorn beef is leaner than all other cattle breeds, which enhances its quality and flavor, and allows for very little shrinkage when cooked. Texas Longhorn Cattle are a distinct, unique breed that are “easy keepers” (as we call them) due to the fact that they eat all types of greens and are very low maintenance.
We usually process our Texas Longhorns at around 24 months of age.

Moon Phase Ranch is currently the only Registered Texas Longhorn Beef producer in Pennsylvania. 

We take pride in the care we provide for our cattle and give them plenty of pasture space, green grass, and time to grow. We are proud and excited that we can offer quality farm raised Registered Texas Longhorn beef for our customers to enjoy!

We also sell Farm Fresh Eggs for $5.00 a dozen! 

Texas Longhorn Beef Available


Ground Beef - $7.00 LB.
1/2 LB. Burgers (4 PACK) - $15.00
Beef Kielbasa - $10.00 LB.
Longhorn Beef Hot Dogs - $10.00 LB.
Sweet Bologna - $13.00 LB.
Garlic Bologna - $14.00 LB.
Longhorn Beef Sticks (1/2 LB. Pack)- $13.00 
Longhorn Spicy Beef Sticks (1/2 LB. Pack) - $13.00

Rib Steak - $15.00 LB.
Filet Mignon - $25.00 LB.
Skirt Steaks - $13.00 LB.
Eye Steaks - $22.00 LB.
Sirloin Steaks - $13.00 LB.
Flank Steaks- $12.00 LB.
Beef Chip Steak - $11.00 LB.
Beef Minute Steaks - $11.00 LB.
Porterhouse Steaks - $22.00 LB.
Delmonico Steaks - $15.00 LB.
NY Strip Steaks - $14.00 LB.
Round Steaks - $9.00 LB.
Kabob / Stew Meat - $10.00 LB

 London Broil $11.00 LB.
Sirloin Tip Roast $10.00
Eye Round Roast - $9.00 LB.
Rib Roast $12.00 LB.
Chuck Roast $9.00 LB. 
Round Rump Roast $10.00 LB. 
Bolar Roast $10.00 LB.

Brisket  $11.00 LB. 
Brisket Beef Bacon $20.00 LB. 

Beef Short Ribs $9.00 LB.
Half Rack Beef Ribs $11.00 LB.

Shin Beef / Beef Shanks  $3.00 Per Package  

Soup Bones  $4.00 Per Bag
Marrow Bones $15.00 Per Bag

Ox Tail $9.00 LB.

 Heart / Tongue / Kidneys $3.00 LB.  

 Liver (2 Slices per Package)  $5.00    


Farm Fresh Pork Available

Smoked Bacon  $10.00 LB.
Guanciale / Jaw Bacon  $9.00 LB.

Canadian Bacon $8.00 Per Package
Scrapple $5.00 Per Package
Pork Roll $6.00 Per Package

Ground Pork  $7.00 LB.
Chipped Pork $11.00 LB.

Sweet Italian Sausage $8.00 LB.
Country / Breakfast Sausage $8.00 LB.
Hot Italian Sausage $8.00 LB.
Hot Sausage Patties $9.00 (4 Pack)
Breakfast Sausage Patties $9.00 (4 Pack)
Kielbasa $10.00 LB.

Bone-In Pork Chops $8.00 Each
Boneless Pork Chops $8.00 Each
Smoked Ham Steaks $9.00 Each

Shoulder Roasts $8.00 LB.
Butt Roasts $9.00 LB.
Smoked Ham Hocks $4.00 Each
Spare Ribs $8.00 LB.
Baby Back Ribs $8.00 LB.
Pork Soup Bones $3.00 Per Bag


Please inquire about large package discounts and halves / whole cow purchase availability. 

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