About Us

Our adventure as Moon Phase Ranch began in August 2014. It was an unplanned, unexpected adventure that has grown into a passion and lifestyle. We would never have dreamed that we would be raising Texas Longhorns on a farm, but these amazing animals have made us whole again and created a new PHASE in our life that has taken us to the MOON and back.

Our son left for college in August 2012, and being our only child, it was quite an adjustment for us. We didn’t know what to do with ourselves. We were always busy with our jobs, Steve an Auto Mechanic and me, a Medical Biller, but as I’m sure every parent knows, the extreme change in the family life was difficult. We tried the “date nights” and taking on general hobbies, but there was still a void.

We are firm believers that “Everything Happens for a Reason”. After our son’s second year in college we unexpectedly, happened upon a gentlemen that was in the process of moving and had a herd of Registered Texas Longhorns that he needed to sell some of. We have always owned and loved animals, but only the typical dogs, cats, rabbits, and fish. Upon speaking with this gentleman, we thought it would be nice to see these animals in person, so we met him at his farm and fell in love with these majestic creatures. We knew nothing about this amazing breed, nor had ever farmed a day in our life, but knew from that moment forward how to fill that void we were feeling. That day we purchased a few of his herd, 3 cows with calves at side, a yearling heifer, and a bull. We never looked back. Within 6 months, we moved onto that same farm and continued to grow our newly purchased herd/family. All those stressful work days ended with nights in the field with our new found babies. They were never really shown the love and attention that we were showering them with, so they bonded with us just as quickly as we did with them. They went from a life of just being thrown hay in the middle of the field every few days, to a life of daily feedings, coming from the other end of the pastures at the sound of our voices, to one-on-one treats, to being able to touch them and just sit among them. They became our stress reliever, our peaceful retreat. Of course it was a crash course going into Winter right away that first year, but we managed and learned and continue to learn something new almost daily. We attend as many Longhorn Functions that we can and in turn have met so many great Longhorn friends in the 9 years we have had our “babies”. Every single person we have met has helped us along the way in one form or another.

The Longhorn addiction attacked us full force and we have been as high as 80 Registered Texas Longhorns in our herd; however, we currently have just under 30. We joked very early on in this adventure that we wanted to try to own one of every color. We then decided to combine that color with great genetics, temperament, and horn to match. The temperament of our herd is so docile. We just love it when we can go out in the field and lay with our cows and even hug some of them. We know in breeding, that color and temperament aren’t the only factor, but to us they are just as important as all the other factors. For our journey to be at its fullest, we have to love what we see when we look out in that pasture and we have to be able to enjoy our quality time with them. To date, we have purchased cattle from Texas, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, Wyoming, New Jersey, and of course, Pennsylvania. Just when we decide we’re good for a while with our existing herd, a new one we “have to have” pops up for sale. Steve loves his “bulls", just as much as I love my cows, so we seem to always have a bull field to admire and watch grow.

Our son has long graduated from college, is now married and has given us 3 beautiful grandchildren. At first, he thought we were a little crazy taking on this new “adventure”, but now, even he has seen how much these majestic creatures have changed our lives and allowed it to be full again. We now look forward to sharing our Longhorn passion with our grandchildren. 

We specialize in raising Texas Longhorn Cattle for breeding stock, as well as, providing Lean Grass Fed Longhorn Beef. We have recently gotten some of our close friends into this amazing breed and they are now starting their own little herds. We wish there were more Longhorn breeders closer to us, but we hope to continue to meet more great Longhorn friends that share this same “addiction” that we do, no matter how far away they are. Please feel free to contact us anytime and / or stop by for a visit to see our herd. The longhorns and us would love to share our little “Moon Phase Ranch” with everyone!